Vintage Toy Birthday Party

My  baby  just turned 1.  And I love to throw a party, so I threw a big one for him (and by him, I mean me).  I was extremely please with the vintage toy baby shower I did for my friend, Laina, back in October, so I decided to go with that theme again.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to buy Baby some of vintage toys I know he was wanting (and by him, I mean me).

I tried to be a frugal as possible with how I planned, decorated and fed everyone, but I’m not sure how well I did (still working on that ability).  The party was open house style, which worked really well for a few reasons: 1)  People (who don’t have kids) were able to drop by, but didn’t feel like they needed to stay for the entire time with a bunch of crazy, hyped-up-on-sugar kids, and 2) we saved money on food by serving snacky-type foods and offering a cupcake bar (rather than a big expensive cake).  I decorated in blue and red with tons of vintage toys, many of which I was able to borrow from friends.

I made just about everything–pennant banners, pinwheels, puff balls, rosettes (I had about a million more to put up outside but ran out of time…I’ll save those for another event), and food.  Over the next few months I plan to post some tutorials and ideas for making your own party decor.

Katie from KatieDid Designs custom made our invitation


Our Barrel of Monkeys cake, which turned out a little more “whimsical” than planned. Also, I hate fondant.

“Ball Pit” & Bubble Machine: Every kid’s party needs them

The cupcake bar worked perfect with the open house;  it allowed people to have cake at their leisure and leave early if they needed to.  It was also super convenience because I was able to make all the cupcakes ahead of time; all I did was pull them out of the freezer the morning of the party. And I got to taste test lots of cake, which was probably the best part.

Mr. K has recently been into homebrewing. So he brewed a special batch for all the grown-ups.

Daddy & Mommy with the birthday boy!

Invitation: KatieDid Designs
Food Labels: Paper and Pigtails (Etsy shop)
Photographer: Amber Murphy Photography

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  1. What a beautiful party for your lucky little guy! I love the open house idea and the cupcake bar looks delicious! Thanks for sharing with me.

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